Virginia Barbeque Tappahannock

Virginia Barbeque Tappahannock

At Virginia Barbeque we use only the finest bone-in pork Boston Butts for our barbeque. After the meat gets a dry rub with our secret spice blend it is smoked in our rotisserie smoker loaded with a fire of smoking hickory wood. The pork turns into barbeque after 12 hours of low smoky heat. (That’s about 220 degrees cooking temperature.) After a cool-down period we hand pull the barbeque removing all visible fat and gristle. From the beginning removing this fat has been our unique difference. You see, some barbeque (so called) aficionados believe that all the fat should be ground up into the meat and called minced barbecue. They believe that you won’t notice the fat if it’s been chopped fine into the meat. We see things differently. Our idea is to keep the meat hand pulled and lean. You will certainly taste the difference!


1832 Tappahannock Blvd.
Tappahannock,VA 22560


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11:00 AM - 8:00 PM