Moton Conference Center at Holly Knoll

Moton Conference Center at Holly Knoll

Holly Knoll is the historic home of Dr. Robert Russa Moton in Gloucester, Virginia. The home was used after Dr. Moton retired from his position as President of Tuskegee Institute. Dr. Moton invited many dignitaries to his home, both black and white, to solve problems facing the country in his day. Upon his death in 1940, his son-in-law, Frederick Douglass Patterson, took over the property.   During the time of Dr. Patterson, more buildings, including dormitories, were added to house the civil rights leaders that commonly used the property as a meeting space. UNCF sold the property and in 2006, Kay Coles James purchased the property. She continued Dr. Moton's legacy by creating The Gloucester Institute. The Gloucester Institute not only serves as a facilitator of free thought and solution finding but The Institute also serves as a training ground for tomorrow leaders through workshops, fellowships, and other programs. Sitll carrying Dr. Moton's invitation "Come to Capahosic", all are welcome to come here to learn the history and make history of your own.  The property is rentable for various functions including weddings, retreats, conferences, and much more. Individual rooms in the Main House are also rentable as well as the dormotories rooms.


6498 Allmondsville Road
Gloucester,VA 23061